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Ski lessons

Whether you a beginner looking to learn to ski ready for a holiday or a regular skier Telford Snowboard and Ski centre has a lesson to suit you.

We offer lessons from beginner through to advanced. We offer group lessons as well as individual 1 to 1 lessons.

To book onto one of our sessions please visit our booking system to book online or contact the centre.

Skiing lesson timetable

health and safety advice - dry ski slope arms and legs must be covered, gloves are essential


Ski Lessons (13 years+) Intermediate / Advanced
8pm - 10pm


Beginners Ski Lessons (13 years+)
8pm - 10pm


No lessons


Ski Lessons(13+ years) Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
8pm - 10pm


Over 50s Ski School
10am – 12noon


Tigers (beginners - 6 years - 15 years)
9.30am - 10.30am

Tigers (intermediate / advanced - 6 years - 15 years)
10.45am - 11.45am

Tinies (all standards - children 3 years - 5 years)
12noon - 1pm

Ski Lessons (6 years+) Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced
2pm - 4pm


Ski in A Day (13 years+) October to March 1st Sunday of the Month
9.30am - 3.30pm

Ski Lessons (6 years+) Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced
4pm - 6pm

Overview of ski levels

Clip in and out of skis, climb and ski down short ski run, control speed by ploughing.

Climb and ski down a short ski run, plough turning to control speed and direction of travel. Make wide and narrow turns when required and use the ski lift. Choose safe route and avoid other skiers. Know where to stop and wait safely on a ski run.

Ski more quickly and make a series of linked turns, skis ploughing and then finish with skis becoming parallel.

Ski more quickly and feel balanced against outside ski earlier in each turn. Turning is more fluid and tracks are S shaped. When making plough-parallel turns, skis now naturally want to become parallel in or even before the middle of each turn [the fall line].

Turn both skis at the same time and consistently. Basic parallel turning still working to improve posture. Can descend a run on own and select route.

Parallel turning and can use a well co-ordinated pole plant for timing and turns become smoother and take control of skis. Tracks are S shaped where they used to look more like Zs.